State Rankings

Who will be our Blackbelt Year-End Champions?

The Texas ASO Blackbelt Ranking system officially began with the 2017 State Championships.This ranking system applies only to Texas ASO sanctioned tournaments.Points will be tallied from the 2017 State Championships and end at the last tournament prior to the 2018 State Championships.The winners will be announced at the 2018 State Championships and the new season will begin that same day. The following guidelines will apply to the point ranking system.Any questions or concerns regarding points should be emailed to

The ranking system will apply to Kumite and Kata divisions only for Advanced competitors ages 12 and above.

The divisions being ranked are 12-13 Advanced Boys and Girls, 14-15 Advanced Boys and Girls, 16-17 Advanced Boys and Girls, and 18-34 Advanced Men’s and Women’s.

Competitors will only receive points in their actual age division. A competitor may opt to move up in age division by their choice and earn points if they no longer participate in their age appropriate division however, the competitor may not choose to move back down to their age appropriate bracket and earn any further points.  If a competitor moves up by age requirement or personal choice, their points from both divisions will be added together and the division they competed most in for the scoring year is where their points will be applied.  In the case of an equal amount of participation in two age divisions, the points will be applied to the highest age division.

Competitors will not receive points in age divisions above their actual age unless they no longer compete in their age appropriate division.  They may compete up and participate in their age appropriate division if the individual tournament promotor allows it, but they will not receive any points for that participation in the higher age event.

Every competitor will receive 20 participation points for every age appropriate division they compete in.  Competitors must actually compete against another competitor to receive participation points.  If a division fails to have enough competitors to form and the competitor is asked to move to another division they will earn points in their actual division if they place as well as participation points.  If the competitor elects not to move to another division and wishes to take the automatic 1st place then they will receive the placing points but not the participation points.

Points will be awarded for the first four places.  First place, Second Place, and two third places.

100 points will be awarded for first place, 70 points for second place, and 40 points for third place.

Good Luck to All !!!

You may see the current standings by clicking on the appropriate button for each division below.


12-13 Male

12-13 Female

14-15 Male

14-15 Female

16-17 Male

16-17 Female

18-34 Male

18-34 Female